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4Wall OC Provides the Stage and Lighting for Coachella's Outdoor Theatre

By Drew Quinones
May 2, 2017, updated Oct 17, 2018
 4Wall OC Provides the Stage and Lighting for Coachella's Outdoor Theatre

Indio, CA-  Every April, over 100,000 festival goers descend upon the Coachella Valley for the annual music festival that has grown to massive popularity in recent years. This year, 4Wall Orange County erected one of the largest stages in the west region for Coachella's Outdoor Theatre where headlining artists Travis Scott, DJ Snake, Justice and Hans Zimmer performed.

4Wall Orange County has constructed the Outdoor Theatre for Coachella since the festival's inception in 1999. With the larger footprint of the festival this year along with larger productions at the Outdoor Theatre, it was necessary for 4Wall to increase the size of the stage.

"Our roof was increased from 65' x 120' to 80' x 145'," said 4Wall OC's Director of Live Events Todd Roberts. "We also hung over 80,000 pounds of sound, lighting, and video in various configurations."

The roof was upgraded with a new and improved base detail and Keder track skins which made the winds in the Coachella Valley a non-issue.

4Wall provided over 500 decks of staging with a 28' x 120' loading dock.

"The loading dock was capable of fitting 11 semi-trailers at any given time," said Roberts.

4Wall also provide the Outdoor Theatre's house lighting which included 40 Vari*Lite VL3500 Washes, 40 ROBE Robin BMFL Blades, 40 Elation Platinum Beam 5R Extremes, and 25 TMB Solaris Flares.

The most challenging day for the 4Wall crew was the transition between the Hans Zimmer production and Justice production.

"Hans Zimmer had a 60' x 40' rolling riser package and Justice had an extremely intricate touring lighting package with over 50 axes of automation," said Roberts. "Although it was very challenging, we completed the change with no complications." 

The music festival in the California desert saw a record number of attendees this year which put more eyes on 4Wall OC's upgraded stage. 4Wall also broke a record of their own.

"The stage was a total success and even with the additional gear and larger roof, we were able to shave a couple hours of load out time," said Roberts. "We loaded 26 semi-trailers in less than 12 hours. A new record for us that will be hard to beat."

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