Los Angeles

5435 W. San Fernando Rd.
Los Angeles, CA 90039
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Our Staff


  • Larry Mikalishen Larry Mikalishen West Coast General Manager Contact
  • Jeff Mateer Jeff Mateer Senior VP of Business Development Contact
  • Craig Teague Craig Teague VP of Business Development Contact
  • Jim Riendeau Jim Riendeau Director of Market Development Contact
  • Bruce Hall Bruce Hall Account Manager Contact
  • Brian Castellanos Brian Castellanos Account Manager Contact
  • Oscar Lizarraga Oscar Lizarraga Cross-Rental Manager Contact
  • Alex Ruiz Alex Ruiz Operations Manager Contact
  • Brian O'Leary Brian O'Leary Logistics Manager Contact


  • Steve Prado Steve Prado System Integrator Contact
  • Damien Rozendal Damien Rozendal Project Manager Contact
  • Vicci Stewart Vicci Stewart Systems Integrator Contact


  • Scott Jevons Scott Jevons National Operations Manager Contact
  • Mary Pat Kasravi Mary Pat Kasravi VP of Business Development Contact
  • Todd Ortiz Todd Ortiz Account Executive Contact
  • David Olson David Olson Account Executive Contact
  • Marguerite Pellegrin Marguerite Pellegrin Managing Director of Special Events Contact
  • Erica Jean Pacheco Erica Jean Pacheco Production Coordinator Contact
  • Mike Mirabal Mike Mirabal Technical Director Contact
  • Kevin McKinney Kevin McKinney Technical Director Contact
  • Chuck Dauwalter Chuck Dauwalter Graphics Manager Contact
  • Lamar Whitley Lamar Whitley Graphics Associate Contact
  • Grace Cornejo Grace Cornejo Production Assistant Contact


  • Rafael Garcia Rafael Garcia Senior Account Executive Contact
  • Joel Sherman Joel Sherman Account Manager - New & Used Sales Contact
  • Becky Hefferman Becky Hefferman Account Manager - New & Used Sales Contact
  • Rigo Orozco Rigo Orozco Account Manager Contact
  • Nathan Galbraith Nathan Galbraith Account Manager - Inside Sales Support Contact
  • Darin Cohen Darin Cohen Service Technician Contact


  • Ralph Baez Ralph Baez Inventory Control Manager Contact
  • Elena Shufelt Elena Shufelt Accounts Receivable Manager Contact
  • Veronica Sanchez Veronica Sanchez Accounts Receivable Contact
  • Rosa Torres Rosa Torres Collections Contact
  • Vicky Brooks Vicky Brooks Office Manager Contact