Las Vegas

3165 W Sunset Rd
Suite 100
Las Vegas, NV 89118
Phone: (702) 263.3858 Fax: (702) 263.3863 Hours of Operation: 8AM - 5PM Get Directions Request a Quote
3165 W Sunset Rd
Suite 100
Las Vegas, NV 89118
Get Directions
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phone (702) 263.3858 fax (702) 263.3863

Our Staff


  • Bob Gaynor Bob Gaynor Senior VP of Business Development Contact
  • Barbara Brennan Barbara Brennan Senior Account Executive Contact
  • Mike Gold Mike Gold Senior Account Executive Contact
  • Denis OBrien Denis OBrien Account Executive Contact
  • Tina Rath Tina Rath Account Executive Contact
  • Lyn Mendoza Lyn Mendoza Account Manager Contact
  • Julie Duarte Julie Duarte Account Manager Contact
  • Jamie Vitullo Jamie Vitullo Account Manager Contact
  • Austin Foytik Austin Foytik Cross Rental Agent Contact


  • Bob Velasquez Bob Velasquez Operations Manager Contact
  • John Fernandez John Fernandez Director of National S&D Projects Contact
  • Buddy Pope Buddy Pope Project Director - Special Projects Contact
  • Steven Byers Steven Byers Project Manager Contact
  • Ellen Bone Ellen Bone Project Manager Contact


  • Larry Mikalishen Larry Mikalishen Regional General Manager - West Contact
  • Tommy Green Tommy Green National Asset Manager Contact
  • Collin Barnes Collin Barnes Regional Cross-Rental Manager - West Contact
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