Las Vegas

3165 W Sunset Rd
Suite 100
Las Vegas, NV 89118
Phone: (702) 263.3858 Fax: (702) 263.3863 Hours of Operation: 8AM - 5PM Get Directions Request a Quote
3165 W Sunset Rd
Suite 100
Las Vegas, NV 89118
Get Directions
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phone (702) 263.3858 fax (702) 263.3863


  • Wes Bailey Wes Bailey CEO Contact
  • Jeff Lassiter Jeff Lassiter CFO Contact
  • Dan Abdalla Dan Abdalla CMO Contact
  • Lindsay Desautels Lindsay Desautels Senior VP of Human Resources Contact
  • Brett Puwalski Brett Puwalski Senior VP of Operations & Product Strategy Contact
  • Larry Mikalishen Larry Mikalishen Senior VP & Regional GM - West Contact
  • Elliot Krowe Elliot Krowe Senior VP & Regional GM - NorthEast Contact


  • Dan Adams Dan Adams VP of IT Contact
  • Kitty Charde Kitty Charde Operations Controller Contact
  • Luke Lytle Luke Lytle VP of Marketing Contact
  • Michael 'Edge' Frackoviak Michael 'Edge' Frackoviak VP of Operations and Integration Contact
  • Kraig Spencer Kraig Spencer National Asset Manager Contact
  • Bill Jacobi Bill Jacobi National Asset Manager Contact
  • Ramon Trinidad Ramon Trinidad National Asset Manager Contact
  • Clint Zaayer Clint Zaayer Director of Applications Contact
  • Eric Meagher Eric Meagher Director Of Training Contact
  • Marcus Andrus Marcus Andrus Director of IT Contact
  • Wayne Romanowski Wayne Romanowski Director of LED Services Contact
  • John Fernandez John Fernandez General Manager, Systems & Design Contact
  • Drew Quinones Drew Quinones Director of Content Contact
  • Ashley Ferrer Ashley Ferrer Director of E-Commerce Contact
  • Casey Bonilla Casey Bonilla E-Commerce Manager Contact
  • Erin Leone Erin Leone Credit Manager Contact
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