Take advantage of our expertise with virtual production workflows and the latest technology to create fully immersive experiences for your virtual broadcasts, commercials, tv or movie shoots, product reveals, corporate events and more. Our vast inventory across the US & Europe contains the latest in lighting, video, and audio production equipment.

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Case Study Netflix's Russian Doll

4Wall's Virtual Production team was tasked to create a video panel wall that wrapped around a practical subway car to create a simulated effect of the subway rolling down the tracks during a pivotal scene. The set was created with Absen M2.9 LED video panels, Arri Skypanels, a Disguise media server package, and Chroma-Q Color Studio Force II battens.

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Head & Shoulders
Office Practicum
Ohio State University
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Scenes From A Marriage Season 1 - Courtesy of HBO
Russian Doll Season 2 - Courtesy of Netflix
The Airlot At Universal Studios
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