Our new xR Stage is built with brand new equipment and technology to help immerse performers, props & talent in an immersive environment where they are able to see and interact with video content in real-time.

ZeroSpace Studios is located in Downtown Brooklyn (minutes away from the 2,3,4,5,B,D,C,G,N,Q,R trains) at a 45,000 sq. ft. entertainment venue. The studio is a cutting edge next-gen content studio, fully equipped to curate interactive content, produce commercials, film TV shows & movies, hold events, and any other production that requires an immersive virtual environments.

337 Butler Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217

xR Stage Specifications

  • 45,000 sq ft
  • 8 Loading Bays
  • 2 Parking Lots
  • 30 Parking Spaces
  • 5 Production Offices
  • Event Venue Restrooms
  • Client Ready Showers
Additional Equipment
  • 12x Vicon Vero Cameras (20' x 25')
  • Nvidia A6000 HP Workstations
  • K-Array systems
  • Directional Speakers
  • Microphones
  • Mixing Consoles
  • And more!

Virtual Production, Motion Capture, Volumetric Capture, Film/TV/Media & Event Production


  • Walls: 224 ABSEN PL2.5 Pro REC 2020, Full HDR 13’ Tall x 38’ Wide
  • Floor: 180 ROE Black Marble BM4 Matte 20‘ Deep 40’ Wide
  • Disguise VX2 & VX4 Media Servers
  • Brompton Controlled


  • (16) Arri S60 Skypanels With Snap Grids
  • (15) High End Systems "Lone Star Ultra Bright" 290W LED Moving Lights
  • (6) High End Systems "Sola HyBeam 3000" High Fidelity 750W LED Moving Lights
  • (11) Chauvet LED Ellipsoidal
  • (28) Rogue R2X Wash LED
  • ETC EOS Console


  • Disguise VX4
  • Disguise RXII
  • Stype Redspy Tracking

ZeroSpace: A Behind The Scenes Look

Cleo Abram & Marques Brownlee visit ZeroSpace Studios in New York to see the latest technologies being utilized in the TV, Film, and content industries. They test out extended reality (XR), volumetric video, motion capture, de-aging, and the other tech available at ZeroSpace.

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