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1 Carol Place
Moonachie, NJ 07074
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Phone (201) 329.9878 Fax (201) 329.9890 Hours of Operation 8:00AM - 5:00PM


  • Elliot Krowe Senior VP & Regional GM - NorthEast
  • Josh Weisberg Senior VP of Event Services
  • Al Ridella VP of Business Development - North East
  • Bob Suchocki VP of Live Events
  • Lars Pedersen VP of Project Innovation
  • Drew DeCorleto VP of Broadcast Services
  • Jim Schoenfelder VP of Business Development
  • Art Lavis VP of Business Development
  • Cassie Krowe VP of Business Development
  • Ben Danielowski VP of Special Projects
  • Mathew Leland VP of Special Projects
  • Matt Filmeck Senior Account Executive
  • Erik Perry Director of Live Events
  • Alex Bright Director of Media Server Technology
  • Ian Crawford Director of Video Engineering
  • Rebekah Gould Account Executive
  • Bob Householder Account Executive
  • John Velez Sales Consultant
  • Tara France Account Manager
  • Lily Ten Eyck Account Manager
  • Laura Bickford Account Manager
  • Jose De La Rosa Account Manager
  • Adam Aronofsky Account Manager
  • Dan Jobbins Account Manager
  • Christopher Realmuto Account Manager
  • Manny Martinez Senior Project Manager
  • Zachary Sager Senior Project Manager
  • Jeffrey Collier Senior Project Manager
  • Will Jennings Senior Project Manager
  • John Maxwell Senior Project Manager
  • Aulio Valerio Senior Project Manager
  • Michael Deitz Senior Project Manager
  • Spencer Hurley Senior Project Manager
  • Baines Kluxen Audio Project Manager
  • Brian Lavender Project Manager
  • Peter Fabrizio Video Project Manager
  • Michael Lord Video Project Manager
  • Paige Pinckney LED Technology Specialist


  • John Ackerman Senior Director of A/V System & Design
  • Dan Snyder Senior Project Manager
  • Christopher Raab Project Manager
  • Julian Chaves A/V Systems Engineer


  • Rob Sadowski Director of Operations
  • Carla Deitz Senior Labor Coordinator
  • Sofia Chavez Labor Coordinator
  • Melissa Markowich National Cross Rental Manager
  • Carlos Chumpen A/V Senior Cross Rental Agent
  • Joshua Reyes Senior Cross Rental Agent
  • Peter Sacca A/V Cross Rental Agent
  • Victor Jr. Santos Cross Rental Agent
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