New York

1 Carol Place
Moonachie, NJ 07074
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1 Carol Place
Moonachie, NJ 07074
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Featuring a new, 234,274 sq. ft. facility with upgraded amenities!

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Our Staff


  • Al Ridella Al Ridella VP of Business Development - North East Contact
  • Bob Suchocki Bob Suchocki VP of Live Events Contact
  • Jim Schoenfelder Jim Schoenfelder Senior Account Executive Contact
  • Matt Filmeck Matt Filmeck Senior Account Executive Contact
  • Art Lavis Art Lavis Senior Account Executive Contact
  • Erik Perry Erik Perry Account Executive Contact
  • Cassie Krowe Cassie Krowe Account Executive Contact
  • Nick Downham Nick Downham Account Executive Contact
  • Adam Aronofsky Adam Aronofsky Account Manager Contact
  • Bob Householder Bob Householder Account Manager Contact
  • Camille Kianes Camille Kianes Account Manager Contact
  • Jose De La Rosa Jose De La Rosa Account Manager Contact
  • Aulio Valerio Aulio Valerio Account Manager Contact
  • Brian Relph Brian Relph Account Executive/Project Manager Contact
  • Sarah Burke Sarah Burke Cross-Rental Agent Contact


  • Pete Harrison Pete Harrison Operations Manager Contact
  • Dan Snyder Dan Snyder Assistant Project Director Contact
  • Manuel Ramirez Manuel Ramirez Project Manager Contact


  • Elliot Krowe Elliot Krowe Regional General Manager - NorthEast Contact
  • Rob Sadowski Rob Sadowski Regional Cross-Rental Manager - NorthEast Contact