Get a Quote Washington DC Production

8801 Monard Dr
Silver Spring, MD 20910
US Get Directions
Phone (301) 585.2100 Hours of Operation 9:00AM - 5:00PM


  • Jay Snyder Director of Live Events
  • Benji Tschudin Director of Live Events
  • Jeffrey D Holt Sales Designer
  • Eric Nance Sales Designer
  • Karen De Groot Sales Designer
  • Bryan Miller Sales Designer
  • K Rudolph Sales Designer
  • Tarik Smith Sales Designer
  • Logan Duvall Sales Designer
  • Jonathan Gadsden Sales Designer


  • Alicia Bowers Office Manager
  • Sierra Comer Assistant Office Manager
  • Frankie Hernandez Shop Foreman
  • Keith Gifford Cross Rental Manager
  • Tony Dann Cross Rental Agent
  • Carolyn Walter Labor Coordinator
  • Angel Santiago Personnel Manager
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