Fixture of the Month - Robe MegaPointe

By Drew Quinones | General
Feb 5, 2018, updated Mar 31, 2020

Last month hundreds of you voted for the product you were most excited to use from our list of new gear coming to 4Wall in 2018. We decided to repurpose the poll's results into a new blog series called "4Wall's Fixture of the Month." We will be releasing a comic book style trading card online for each fixture/console that was included in the poll. We will look into getting printed versions of the cards for those interested in collecting the full 12 card set. We figured this would be a fun way to become familiar with the gear we have available to rent and a fun way to learn about the fixture.

Below is our first FIXTURE OF THE MONTH, the Robe MegaPointe! Please scroll to the end of this post and take our 1 question poll so we can gauge the interest of the new 4Wall FOTM trading cards. (CLICK THE IMAGE TO ENLARGE)


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