Fixture of the Month - ETC Gio @5

By Drew Quinones | General
Mar 19, 2018, updated Mar 31, 2020

Our 'Fixture of the Month' blog series continues with a console! The ETC Gio @5 was the second-most-voted-for item customers were excited to use in 2018. Below is the Gio @5 4Wall FOTM Trading Card and an easy quiz/poll for you to have some fun with and be entered to win a 4Wall swag package. The ETC Gio @5 is currently available to rent at 4Wall New York. Don't forget to check out last month's FOTM trading card featuring the Robe MegaPointe here. (Hint: Use our new "compare" feature on's rental page for some help on the quiz)

(Contest Ends on 3/30)



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