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Seeing Eye Lighting Design Lights Facebook's Annual F8 Conference with 4Wall Entertainment

By Drew Quinones
Jun 25, 2018, updated Sep 12, 2022
 Seeing Eye Lighting Design Lights Facebook's Annual F8 Conference with 4Wall Entertainment

San Jose, CA- F8 is Facebook's annual developer conference that showcases their latest technology and gives attendees a glimpse into what's next for the social media platform. Event producer FNTECH chose Seeing Eye Lighting Design and Principal Lighting Designer Paul Efron to light F8 utilizing gear from 4Wall Entertainment.

For the second consecutive year, F8 was held at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center, but Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and other notable keynote speakers delivered their speeches in a new location due to increased seating demands.

"Last year, the keynote was delivered at the City National Civic Center, which is across the street from the convention center," explained Efron. "Our challenge this year was to maintain the intimacy of previous keynotes while moving into a much less intimate expo hall at the convention center."


The keynote set was composed of layered scrimmed metal structures with asymmetrical fascia and 8 massive automated LED walls.

"This look provided a refreshing new playground for myself and Lighting Director Mark Gilmore to create a variety of layered looks," said Efron.

This was achieved with a combination of Martin MAC Viper Performances, Martin Aura XBs, Martin MAC Viper Wash DXs, and multiple layers of Chroma-Q Color Force II LED battens provided by 4Wall.

"The Performances and DXs were used for front light and to add both color and soft, subtle textures to the DS scrim surfaces," explained Efron. "They were additionally lit by the Color Force II cyc lights, both front and back, allowing maximum control of color gradation."

The Aura XB fixtures sat on the floor beneath the scenic scaffold structure providing a myriad of scenic lighting options on both the structure itself and the DS scrim surface.

140 Martin VDO Sceptron 10s were installed across the set, building a 140' arc, and were asymmetrically hung on both the up and downstage planes.

"They gave the impression of floating in free space and the video component allowed for a variety of color and motion," said the LD.

The 198' x 35' deep stage was lit for broadcast with the Martin MAC Viper DXs. The house and audience were lit with Martin MAC Aura XBs that hung on a series of curved trusses. The XBs were also used to provide an even flow of light down the aisles and lead the audience at the end of the keynote into the adjacent Expo Hall known as the "Festival."

The keynote was programmed by Rob Smith and Benny Kirkham.


The approach when creating the lighting design for the "Festival" expo hall, was to give the room a daylight feel.

"The concept was to continue a path of light from the concluding keynote into the space leading attendees to a central gathering area which is surrounded by all of the individual activation environments," said Efron. "The task was to then selectively highlight specific activations."

Efron and Lighting Director Chris Legrand used a combination of Robe BMFL Blades, Martin MAC Aura XB's, Martin MAC Viper DX's, and Chroma-Q Color Force II LED battens to treat each of the very unique activations.

Chauvet Professional WELL Fit battery-powered LEDs were deployed as well to multi-leveled scenic components where cabling would be visually unattractive and unacceptable.


The breakout rooms enjoyed an upgrade this year using ETC Source Four LED Series 2 Daylight fixtures for stage lighting and GLP JDC1 strobes for house light.

"The JDC1 fixtures provided excellent light distribution and the cool ability to tilt up on cue helped provide perfect audience light for Q&A sessions," explained the LD.

Lighting Designer Paul Efron was satisfied with the gear and service 4Wall provided for another successful F8 Conference.

"As always, 4Wall and Craig Teague's attention to detail, execution and budget management was impeccable. I couldn't be happier with the gear, service, and success of this year's conference," Efron concluded.

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