Event Production Services in Las Vegas

We recognize that every event has unique and diverse requirements. Our experienced team is capable of managing the demanding needs of any event, ranging from large exhibitions, corporate events, and Broadway productions to TV or film sets, multi-continent concert tours, or outdoor festivals. Our production team is always prepared to collaborate with you across any time zone or continent.

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Audio Visual, Broadcast, Grip, & Lighting

Our comprehensive production services cover everything from project management and implementation, crew and labor support, engineering services, technical design, show prep, and more. We offer an extensive range of rental equipment to meet all your needs, including:

  • Broadcast Camera Packages Our inventory features a variety of broadcast-quality camera packages from renowned brands like Sony, Canon, BlackMagic, and more.
  • Grip We offer a complete range of grip equipment, including stands, carts, clamps, power, batteries, lifts, pipe, expendables, and more, to support your production needs.
  • Lighting Our lighting inventory includes moving lights, consoles, battens, lekos, LED fixtures, TV/Film fixtures, strobes, strip lights, followspots, fog/haze, and more, to meet your unique lighting requirements.
  • Rigging We provide a wide range of rigging equipment, including trussing, motors/hoists, lifts, pipe, and more, to ensure your production runs smoothly.
  • Video Control We offer top-of-the-line video control equipment, including Disguise Media Servers, Matrix Routers, and more, to help you manage your video content effectively.
  • Video Displays Our rental inventory includes a range of video displays, such as LED video panels, large and small format projectors & screens, image processing, LED screens, monitors, and more, to showcase your content in the best possible way.

With our extensive range of equipment and services, we're confident that we can meet all your production needs and deliver an exceptional experience for your event.

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