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Saturday Night Live

4Wall Entertainment has been a key partner in providing lighting and support services for NBC's iconic Saturday Night Live (SNL) over the past 3 seasons. Each week 4Wall works closely with the crews from SNL and guest artists to meet the tight deadlines and budget constraints that are inherent to SNL's production process. Both teams find creative solutions to ensure smooth, efficient operations week after week.

The company has received high praise from key SNL staff members and guest artists for their gear and services, including the main lighting package for seasons 46, 47, and 48 and supplementary lighting and video tile packages for weekly acts.

Geoffrey Amoral, SNL's Lighting Director, who is crucial in coordinating lighting for music performances, emphasized, "Our guest bands are a challenge, and every week is different. The band's creative teams give us their plans well ahead of time or at the last minute, depending on many different circumstances. The designs are usually a combination of lighting, video, and projection." He added, "4Wall is up to the challenge by providing skilled technicians to install and operate the equipment, along with assistance in the planning for creative ideas. They know our space and offer guidance on what we can and cannot do."

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