LED Wall Calculator

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ROE Visual Black Pearl BP2
ROE Visual Black Pearl BP2
Tile Width (ft) 1.64 ft
Tile Height (ft) 1.64 ft
Tile Width (mm) 500 mm
Tile Height (mm) 500 mm
Pixels Wide 176
Pixels High 176
Pixel Pitch 2.84
Processing Brompton
Max Hang
Max Stack
Visual Pitch 2.84
Brightness (nits) 1800
Transparency (%) 0
Power Consumption 160w
Ampere (208V) 0.77A
Ampere (230V) 0.7A
Ampere (240V) 0.67A
Weight/Tile (lb) 21 lbs
Weight/Tile (Kg) 9.53 Kg
Rating indoor
LED Type
This tool is for general planning purposes only. Manufacturer manuals should be checked for exact weights, power ratings, etc. Weights for all screens is tile weight only and does not include hanging hardware, cabling, etc. Power varies by LED type and calibration, this is for US inventory
Proposed Wall Size (FT)
Lock / maintain 1.778(+-)
Aspect Ratio: 1
Wall Size
Width: 500 FT
Height: 500 FT
Pixels Wide: 176
Pixels High: 176
# of Tiles: 1
Total: 21 LBS
Peak Watts: 160 W
Ampere at 110V (max): 1.45 A
Required Processors (min)
HD (1920x1080): 1
4K (3840x2160): 1
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