APEX 3224 Mobile Stage

By Luke Lytle | General
Sep 19, 2023, updated Nov 2, 2023
 APEX 3224 Mobile Stage

The Apex 3224 is the midsize Mobile Stage in our inventory. This stage is great for any size event. The stage deploys out of a 36' Gooseneck Trailer and can be fully set up in less than 2 hours.

The stage size is 32' wide by 24' deep, with a roof trim height of 16' from the deck. We can also package lighting, video, and audio systems with this stage, along with a crew to set up, manage, and take down the stage and equipment.

Stage Deck:
• Stage Deck Size 32' x 23'-8""
• Deck Height 46" to 66"

Stage Roof:
• Covered Roof Size 26'-3" x 34'
• Fly Bar Length 2'-3"
• Stage to Upstage Roof Beam 15'-5"
• Stage to Downstage Roof Beam 15'-11"

Beam Loads:
• Fly Bays 2@ 2,000lbs
• Downstage Beam 1,000lbs evenly dist.
• Upstage Beams 1,000lbs evenly dist.
• Midstage Beam 2@ 1,000 evenly dist.
• Total Roof Capacity 8,000lbs

Install Time: 2 hours

Required Personnel: 2 people

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