4Wall Sunday Roundtable: Ep. 12 | Design Professors

By Skylar Smith
Aug 16, 2020, updated Jul 14, 2021
 4Wall Sunday Roundtable: Ep. 12 | Design Professors

Episode 12 | Design Professors

The 4Wall Sunday Roundtable returns this weekend with some of the top design educators in the country. Current, future, and recently graduated students of theatrical design and production will not want to miss it! The show goes live at 7 PM EDT/4 PM PDT this Sunday, right here on our Facebook page.

  • Mark Stanley - Associate Professor - Boston University College of Fine Arts
  • M.L. Geiger - Arts Professor - NYU | TISCH
  • Dave Grill - Co-Director of the Theatre Design/Technology Program - Purchase College
  • Lap-Chi Chu - Head of Lighting - UCLA

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