Faces of 4Wall: Mark Conners

By Drew Quinones | General
Oct 13, 2017, updated Mar 31, 2020
 Faces of 4Wall: Mark Conners

With the recent growth of 4Wall Entertainment, we wanted to shed some light - pun intended - on our experienced and knowledgeable staff that continue to be be the driving force behind our "Large Enough to Service, Small Enough to Care" slogan. These words have shaped 4Wall since its inception in 1999, and that's due to the incredible staff that treats every client and piece of gear with care, dedication, quality, and expertise which have become the hallmarks of 4Wall.

Mark Conners - Senior Account Executive

Calling Mark Conners an industry veteran would be an understatement. He has been involved in the lighting industry for over 4 decades. He joined the 4Wall family seven years ago through an acquisition and has been a part of 4Wall DC's success since.

His first job in the industry was at a shop under a laundromat.

"Loadout was through a small, single door," Mark said.

Mark's willingness to continue to evolve with the industry makes him an important asset to 4Wall.

"It's great having the ability and flexibility to do the right thing for the customer," Mark explained. "If there's something I don't know, I will learn it."

Mark is most proud of being part of the ICE! Experience at Gaylord National's Christmas on the Potomac, but every job he's been involved with has impacted his career.

"ICE! is always a lot of fun, but any show that I've been able to learn from is forever memorable to me," Mark said.

When asked what he likes most about working for 4Wall, he said:

"The best thing about working for 4Wall is having so many solutions for our customers and working for a company where the top priority is providing the best service possible."

Mark can be reached at: mconners@4wall.com

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