4Wall DC Lights First Annual ZDM Fest

By Drew Quinones | General
Jun 16, 2017, updated Oct 13, 2017
 4Wall DC Lights First Annual ZDM Fest

Baltimore, MD- This month local Baltimore pop and EDM station Z104.3 put on a private performance featuring international DJ, Marshmello, for the first annual ZDM Fest. The event was hosted by Mosaic Nightclub and Lounge in Baltimore's Power Plant Live! entertainment district. 4Wall DC provided a moving light and FX package to supplement the venue's house rig.

Lighting Designer Sam Andrews designed, programmed and operated the lighting for the event.

"The artist did not bring any lighting production with him so I was tasked with designing a lighting rig that was small but extremely versatile for such a high-profile artist," explained Andrews.

The LD chose six Robe Robin Pointes as the foundation of the moving light rig due to the versatility of looks and FX he could achieve with the one fixture.

"For Marshmello I used the Pointes to create intense sharp beams of light to cut through atmospheric effects like Co2 and haze. The result was electrifying energy perfect for drops in the music," said the LD. "In addition to beams, I also made use of the Pointe's two different prisms and large gobo selection to create wide aerial moonflower looks for softer breakdowns in the music."

Andrews also utilized the 6-way linear prism paired with beam reducers to create a mock laser effect that looked stunningly close to the real thing which was a huge hit with the attendees and staff.

4Wall also provided eight Martin MAC 101s which were used as a LED wash to compliment the Robe Robin Pointes.

"I wanted a small led mover for crowd blinders that also created a soft wash of saturated colors to contrast with the Pointes," explained Andrews. "I also relied on the Mac 101 for strobe and pulse effects synced with the beat of the music. The utilization of these fixtures helped to intensify the overall dynamic of the show."

Photos by: Jason Putsche Photography, LLC

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