4Wall Nashville Lights UNITE 2017

By Drew Quinones | General
Feb 17, 2017, updated Oct 13, 2017
 4Wall Nashville Lights UNITE 2017

New Vision Baptist Church in Murfreesboro, TN hosts an annual "city-wide retreat", which gives middle and high school students a chance to attend a fun, exciting event with other church youth groups. Local churches open their homes to small groups of 7th-12th grade students for the weekend event while college-aged students lead the younger attendees in Bible studies and discussions.

UNITE 2017 was the 2nd annual city-wide event and kicked off on February 10th. It is comprised of 10-12 local churches in the Murfreesboro area. This years event had over 1,200 students attend the community-wide worship sessions at New Vision. The students also get to participate in community outreach to help improve the community in which they live.

4Wall's own Robert Hickman volunteered his time for this event as the lighting designer and programmer. He selected the lighting equipment from 4Wall Nashville needed to help set the mood for the large event. 4Wall TN recently invested in GLP Impression X4 10 & 20 Bars which have a motorized tilt & full pixel mapping capabilities. These features help to create light curtains for a unique look. Robert utilized the X4s for lighting the band and to provide aerial effects over the audience. They were a perfect fit for the event. Other equipment included Chauvet Rogue R2 Spots & R1 Washes along with Martin MAC Viper Profiles.  

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