Emerging Rock Band Charming Liars Turns to 4Wall LA for Lighting Gear

By Drew Quinones | General
8 years ago
 Emerging Rock Band Charming Liars Turns to 4Wall LA for Lighting Gear

Five years ago, the London based rock band Charming Liars decided to make the move to Los Angeles to further their growth as a band. The band's bass player Mike Kruger was searching the web for a lighting solution for his band's shows when he came across 4Wall on Google.

"Having seen a lot of what other companies had to offer, I was really impressed with the rental options 4Wall had," Kruger said. "4Wall carries such a huge volume of equipment that the hardest part of our job was deciding how many lights we wanted to rent!"

Once Kruger requested a quote from our website, 4Wall LA Senior VP of Business Development Jeff Mateer steered Kruger into the right direction to get his band's lighting package in order.

"The power of lighting to enhance a performance is amazing," explained Kruger. "In the past we have relied on LD's and house lighting to try and add a special visual element to the tours, but it was only when we met Jeff did we finally work out the perfect lighting solutions for the show while keeping within our budget and stage size limitations."

The band is currently planning their new production design with us for their upcoming tour. We are excited to take part in Charming Liars growth as a band and will look forward to watching their live performances continue to mature with our gear and services. Check out their latest music video of their current single 'Soul' below.


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