4Wall NY Sponsors Eastern Region Communications and Technology Conference

By 4Wall Staff
Jul 17, 2016, updated Mar 6, 2017
 4Wall NY Sponsors Eastern Region Communications and Technology Conference

4Wall New York was proud to sponsor for the first time this year the Eastern Region Communications and Technology Conference, hosted by the Jersey Access Group (JAG).  JAG is a consortium of public, educational, and government TV channels in the state of New Jersey.

The conference is designed to bring together a diverse group of exhibitors who are involved in multimedia communications, education, and TV and Film production, amongst others.

Shadowstone, Inc., which was acquired by 4Wall earlier this year, was one of the first three organizational members invited to join the JAG group.  4Wall's marketing department agreed to not only continue support of JAG, but also to up the sponsorship level of this year's conference. Former Shadowstone and new 4Wall employee Paul Distefano put the sponsorship to use to hosting a number of informative panel discussions.

"By adding Paul Distefano to our New York team, we instantly had a great connection with the JAG Group.  Paul has been a major advocate for the group through the years, attending every conference." 

"We knew from his input this was an event and a group we wanted to support, as it brings together local influencers in television for great discussion as well as educational opportunities," said 4Wall's VP of Marketing & Integration Wes Bailey.

The conference itself was a huge success this year, with a twenty percent jump in attendance compared with 2015.  Throughout the day exhibitors held demos at their booths for the attendees as well as students who were invited to attend the trade show. Students were able to enjoy several seminars from industry professionals on various topics, including a Distefano hosted panel on lighting techniques.

In addition to the training, the festivities were capped off with Frank Marsico, former Shadowstone, Inc. owner and new addition to 4Wall being honored with the "Vendor of the Year" award at the partner's banquet for all the years in which he has supported the Jersey Access Group. The group wanted to thank him and Shadowstone, Inc. for everything he's done over the years.  The award also symbolized the hand-off to 4Wall and the company's pledge to continue the support.

The 4Wall team will be looking forward to the 2017 incarnation of the conference next spring, as well as hosting upcoming JAG events this year!

For more information on the Jersey Access Group, visit jagonline.com

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