4Wall Vegas Adds Chauvet Rogue R1 Wash

By 4Wall Staff | General
Oct 1, 2015, updated Nov 23, 2015
 4Wall Vegas Adds Chauvet Rogue R1 Wash

4Wall Las Vegas has added Chauvet Professional's Rogue R1 Wash to inventory!

This versatile, high output moving light fixture includes a bubble lens design, an 11-48 degree beam angle, and lightning quick speed.

After seeing a demonstration of the Rogue R1 Wash, we knew that the fixture would be a good match for our rental inventory said Bob Gaynor, VP of Rentals at 4Wall Las Vegas. We were impressed with the Rogue R1 as a compact, fast moving wash light that can also create stunning visual effects.  It also comes at an affordable price point that I'm sure many of our customers will appreciate!

The R1 Wash joins the Rogue R2 Spot in 4Wall's inventory. Chauvet President Albert Chauvet spoke of 4Wall adding an additional unit to the Rogue series of fixtures:    

We created the Rogue Series because we believed there was a definite niche for rugged moving fixtures that combined performance and value, said Chauvet. The Rogue R1 Wash opens new opportunities for customers to do more with a moving wash without requiring a big investment. It's gratifying to us to see that a company that we respect like 4Wall Entertainment is sharing this vision.

Get a quote for the new Rogue R1 Wash here.

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