Blue-Yellow-Red Uses Gear from 4Wall Nashville

By 4Wall Staff | General
Mar 12, 2015, updated Mar 6, 2017
 Blue-Yellow-Red Uses Gear from 4Wall Nashville

Interdisciplinary artist and transmedia performer Robbie Lynn Hunsinger recently created an amazing art exhibit, titled "Blue-Yellow-Red," at the First Center in Nashville 

To create the perfect primary colors for the exhibit, Hunsinger turned to ETC Source Four Series 2 Lustr LEDs from 4Wall Nashville. 

Here's more on the creation of the project from Make Magazine:

In the exhibit, participants are able to step into long streams of blue, yellow, and red beams of light and create a unique audio and visual experience. To make this possible, Hunsinger used long sensors under the carpet to detect where in the stream of light people were standing. She then used "Max" software to blend the sensor data with music and light to create a very unique experience that is different depending on how many people are interacting and where they are standing. 

Check out the video below to see fan interaction with the exhibit: 

For more information on Hunsinger's art, visit her official site here. 

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