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LD Jason Kantrowitz and 4Wall Shine Bright for the ‘Home for the Holidays' Broadway Debut

By Drew Quinones
Dec 13, 2017, updated Jan 24, 2018
 LD Jason Kantrowitz and 4Wall Shine Bright for the ‘Home for the Holidays' Broadway Debut

New York, NY- 'Home for the Holidays' is a unique concert event on Broadway, bringing together winning vocalists from American Idol, The Voice and America's Got Talent, hosted by the star of The Bachelorette, and features a special appearance by Broadway and film star Danny Aiello. Lighting Designer Jason Kantrowitz once again turned to 4Wall Entertainment for the gear needed to light this jazzy star-studded holiday concert infused with nationally recognized talent.

Playing off visual assets fans expect to see, Kantrowitz created a hip yet retro wintery scenic environment that would make audiences feel right at home, similar to a holiday television special they grew up watching.

"Our goal with the concert lighting was to enhance and support the powerhouse performance by the top-notch singers and band," explained the LD. "Combining a ceiling of visible lighting fixtures, an inviting technicolor backdrop, sparkling illuminated bandstand fascias, and a battery of automated lights on the floor all added to the exciting and cozy feeling of a very special concert."

4Wall provided Martin MAC Aura XB's that were a versatile visual tool for both scenic looks and crisp colorful beams in the air.

Clay Paky Mythos II fixtures lived on the stage floor and provided stunning air effects during performances.

"The uniquely versatile Mythos II lights allowed me to create blindingly sharp, tight searchlight beams, light curtain washes, and gobo textures," said Kantrowitz.

Chroma-Q Color Force II LED battens were Kantrowitz's uplight of choice.

"They painted beautiful and diverse jewel-like colors on the backdrop, on the upstage black scrim, and on the frosted snowflake bandstand fascias," explained the LD.

Vari*Lite VL3500 Spots were the workhorses for sculptural sidelighting and backlight specials. The LD made great use of their zoom optics system, shutters, and gobos.

ETC ColorSource Spot Deep Blue fixtures were used for rich color washes. "The color-changing head-high fixtures were to tone costumes," explained Kantrowitz. "While the balcony rails units were for tone drops."

The control system was comprised of an ETC Ion 6000 and ETC Eos Titanium 8000 consoles. The Ion console, located in an upstairs office in the theatre, was utilized prior to tech rehearsals by programmer Jim Ohrberg and Kantrowitz with the concert's music to pre-viz certain aspects of the lighting. Their work was later transferred to the show's TI console.

"With only one day on the schedule to stage and tech the entire show, the detailed homework done by the lighting team was necessary to create the 250 vibrant light cues for the 90-minute program," said Kantrowitz. "Associate Lighting Designer Vivien Leone masterfully choreographed the two Lycian M2 followspots to artistically highlight the seven stars and various band solos."

Kantrowitz spoke of the start-to-finish service he received from 4Wall.

"For a limited engagement like this, load-in and programming time is of the essence. 4Wall's concert touring experience and their dedication to providing unsurpassed customer service made this the smoothest load in I have seen in years."

He concluded by saying, "Al Ridella's knowledge, experience, and constant support was greatly beneficial from the bid phase, through the load in and tech rehearsals, all the way to opening night. Proactive shop support headed up by 4Wall New York's Brian Luftig began even before the show crew started. The equipment package was prepped perfectly with ease by Production Electrician Neil McShane and his team."

The 'Home For the Holidays' show is currently running through the end of December 2017.

Visit their website for ticket information: https://www.broadway.com/shows/home-holidays/

'Home for the Holidays' Lighting Team:

Lighting Designer: Jason Kantrowitz

Associate Lighting Designer: Vivien Leone

Lighting Programmer: Jim Ohrberg

Production Electrician: Neil McShane

Assistant Electrician: John Wilson

House Electrician: Rick Baxter

Board Operator: Andy Sather

Followspot Operators: Sean Fedigan, Kevin Fedigan

Assistant to Mr. Kantrowitz: Jackson Miller

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