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LD Andy Rushing and 4Wall Light 2017 TBCO Conference

By Drew Quinones on Oct 30, 2017
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Nashville, TN- Churchgoers of The Belonging Co. (TBCO) meet in a warehouse venue immersed in downtown Nashville for a unique worshiping experience. The TBCO Conference is a 2-day event filled with breakout sessions, guest speakers, worship, and music. Lighting Designer Andy Rushing turned to 4Wall Entertainment to light the annual conference.

TBCO recently upgraded their house rig with an array of fixtures and gear purchased through 4Wall. Rushing designed the new installation and decided on 12 Robe BMFL Blades, 20 Chauvet Professional Rogue R2 Washes, 8 Chauvet Ovation E-260CW, 8 Chauvet Strike 4 Washes, and 11 Robert Juliat Dalis 862 footlights.

"In addition to the lights, we purchased a distro, a motor package, a MDG ATMe hazer, and a MA Lighting grandMA2 full-size console with an 8port node," explained Rushing.

Utilizing the new gear that was purchased, along with a 4Wall rental package, Rushing created a lighting design fit for the conference's "cover the earth" theme.

"I tried to extend the rig over the crowd as much as I could," said the LD. "We were very limited with the room's trim height and where we could rig points, so it was difficult to accomplish this idea."

Rushing designed 4 "finger" trusses that extended from mid-stage to approximately 15' over the crowd. Each finger had 10 Robe Robin Spikie fixtures provided by 4Wall.

"These fixtures worked perfectly because of their small size, brightness and punchiness," explained Rushing. "Our house rig fit great behind this design and created some really good stage looks."

4Wall also provided 24 GLP impression X4 Bar 20's. The LD used 12 above and 12 below their video wall.

"This created a really cool border for our wall and some awesome silhouette looks," said Rushing.

TBCO also live streams the conference, so it's essential for Rushing to create an atmosphere of worship for both the live crowd and online crowd.

"It's important to us that there's no disconnect between being there and watching online," explained Rushing. "That's why I chose the cool, white Ovation LED ellipsoidals and the Dalis 862 footlights."

The BMFL Blades and Rogue R2's provided Rushing with versatility between gentle looks for down moments and aggressive looks for high energy moments.

The TBCO Conference was a success in part by Rushing's lighting design, and a 4Wall rental and sale package. The LD spoke of the service 4Wall provided:

"4Wall, as always, knocked it out of the park for us. Their gear is always in top shape and they have everything we need. We doubled attendance and consequently sold out this year, so the room felt great! I can't wait to bring 4Wall back into the mix and make next year even better!"

Photos by: Ashley Mae Wright

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