Suite 47

Suite 47 is a 10,000 sq. ft., fully loaded production studio with state-of-the-art equipment and services provided by 4Wall Entertainment, ATOMIC, Atrium Studios, Aurora Films, Clair Global, Pyrotek and Tait. Suite 47 provides clients a seamless production experience all in the comfort of a safe, comfortable, and private work environment. The space includes a Full XR Studio, Demo / Flex Space, Pre-Viz Suite, Lounge, and more.

Suite 47 is located in Lititz, Pennsylvania, a production haven located just 3 hours from New York City and 90 minutes from Philadelphia. The 96-acre Rock Lititz campus is the perfect place to curate creative content, produce live-stream concerts, film commercials, and hold hybrid events, to name a few of the ways Rock Lititz is utilized.

Take advantage of the included Rock Lititz Red Carpet Service to easily book on-site hotels, schedule catering needs, & arrange transportation from NYC or the surrounding airports.

Demo / Flex Space

The 4,000+ sq. ft. Demo / Flex Space is complete with turnkey production support (Lighting, Video, & Audio), ADA bathroom, conference area, kitchenette, & pre-viz suite / lounge. It is the perfect place to host your demos, small gatherings and corporate presentations. It can also be used to film commercials, unveil new products and hold a hybrid event. Want to reach an even larger audience? Why not stream live to a virtual event platform like Virtual Event Pro, social media, into a zoom call, or direct to your website.

This flexible space can handle all of that and much more.

Pre-Viz Suite & Lounge

Our Pre-Viz suite with connected lounge is the perfect place to program your show in comfort. Available to all Rock Lititz visitors, our suite allows you to control your show remotely anywhere on the Rock Lititz Campus, share / program sessions simultaneously to other 4Wall Locations, or direct to show site. With several software (MA3d, Carbon for Unreal, WYSIWYG, Capture) & console options (MA2, MA3, High End, ETC, Chamsys) available, we can accommodate most all requests.

*Hourly, Daily, & Week Rates are available.

XR Stage

The dedicated XR Stage area is over 5,000 sq. ft. and designed with client comfort & production flexibility in mind. This turnkey studio is complete with everything you need to produce an XR or non XR show. Raised platforms for show-critical positions, Director / Audio Mix Suite, 4k Cameras, iMac playback/keynote machines, E2 switching, camera shader station, isolated climate-controlled server room, and (5) general workstations can easily be converted into show position areas quickly and easily.

  • Ross Ultrix 72 x 72 12g matrix
  • 1,216 x 1,216 Channel Audio Matrix
  • 128 Channels of Dante I/O
  • (6) 12g Record Channels
  • (3) 6g Record Channels
  • 96 TB of NAS Storage
  • Over 300 Network Ports
  • Fully IP Based Monitoring & Control
  • Full Remote Access Capabilities
  • High Availability Edge Network
  • Multi Path Internet Peering
  • 12g Signal Chain from Cameras to Led
  • Unreal Swarm w/ up to 400ghz of CPU Available
  • 25 / 100g Content & Render Stream Networking
  • All Show Network available across campus
  • 8 Multi-Viewers
  • Prompter Monitors on All Cameras
  • Remote A/V Monitoring w/ DVR Functionality

Immersive Audio, Video, & Lighting


  • ROE BP2 LED Tile
  • ROE BM4 LED Floor - Matte Finish
  • Brompton Led Processing
  • Disguise VX2 & VX4 Media Servers
  • Disguise RX Nodes
  • Barco e2 Processing
  • Black Magic Ursa Broadcast Cameras
  • Fujinon 4k Camera Lenses
  • Mo-Sys Camera Tracking
  • 12’ Jib w. Operator
  • Prompter Monitors on All Cameras
  • (6) Large Prompter Monitors


  • YAMAHA Rivage PM7, CSD-R7 Console
  • 2 x Rio 3224 D2 Input Racks
  • 2 x Mackie HR824 MKII Studio Monitors
  • Lake Controller Speaker Processor Management
  • Wireless Tablet Control of Speaker Processing
  • 4 x Clair CM-14 Cohesion Coaxial Stage Monitor
  • 4 x Clair CO-8 Cohesion Compact Line Array
  • 2 x Clair CP-118 Cohesion Sub
  • 2 x Clair CP-6 Cohesion
  • 6 x Mackie SRM150
  • 8 Way Combo RF Package (Shure Axient Digital)
  • 8 Way IEM Package (Shure PSM1000)
  • Generic Microphones Stand Package
  • Generic Microphone Package
  • Stage Cabling Package
  • Stage AC Package
  • 24 x Clear-Com Freespeak Wireless Belt Pack


  • (26) High End Sola Frame 750
  • (23) Martin Mac Aura XB
  • (6) Arri Sky Panel S60
  • (6) Chroma Q Studio Force II 72”
  • Grandma3 Lighting Consoles
  • Grandma3 NPUs


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