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ChamSys QuickQ 20

ChamSys QuickQ 20

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QuickQ consoles from ChamSys are designed with a quick and easy user interface, 9.7” touch screen, and a comprehensive feature-set that bring simplicity and power to the small console market. Built-in Wi-Fi allows for remote control from a tablet or phone, which can also serve as a 2nd external monitor! These consoles are ideal for students, volunteers, or part-time operators, and comfortable to use even by professionals on small-scale shows. The QuickQ 20 is the perfect choice console for control of dimmer, LED color mixing and moving light fixtures.

Currently only located at 4Wall Las Vegas.

We strive to provide impeccably maintained rental equipment for the entertainment industry that is prepped and ready for your event. Our experienced staff stands ready to help you with your lighting, video, rigging & production needs. Rental inventory availability may vary based on date and 4Wall location. In cases where your preferred item is unavailable, we'll do our best to suggest a suitable replacement.

  • 2 Universe Console, ideal for conventional, LED and moving light control
  • Intuitive Smart phone style Interface
  • Inbuilt Wi-Fi for connection of iOS and Android remotes
  • Large 9.7" Multi-touch display
  • Multi-Touch gesture support for fixture control
  • RDM Support for RDM Autopatch
  • Free QuickQ designer offline software
  • 10 Multi-function playbacks
  • Supports connection to Free MagicVis Visualiser
  • Multi Function fixture faders with Fixture, Group or Cue mode
  • Supports connection to Free MagicVis Visualiser
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