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Brainstorm SR-112 Time Code Distripalyzer
Brainstorm Electronics

Brainstorm SR-112 Time Code Distripalyzer

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The industry standard SR-112 is designed to distribute time code through its 12 buffered outputs while analyzing it. The reshaper sends clean timecode, even over long cables, making it ideal for live environments. The front panel includes a large 8 digit reader and an LCD display showing the status of the unit and reporting errors as they are detected. All modern SMPTE and EBU SD/HD rates are supported. With the option TCG, the SR-112 can also generate new time code or repair an existing one.

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  • Identify Time Code errors (drop outs...)
  • Monitor video phase (HD & SD)
  • Display format and frame rate
  • Comprehensive report including all errors
  • Large 8 digit time code reader
  • 1 x 12 timecode distributor
  • Individually adjustable output levels
  • Level fluctuations eliminated
  • Amplitude distortions eliminated
  • Buffered outputs
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