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Ross Carbonite Black 2M/E System

Ross Carbonite Black 2M/E System

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Carbonite Black 2 Panel

The Carbonite Black 2 2 ME production switcher boasts all the power and features of its bigger brothers – the CB2s yet with a more compact 16 button control panel. It is perfect for space restricted production environments such as small trucks and control rooms without sacrificing production features.


Carbonite Black Plus Frame

On top of the Carbonite Black feature set, every input has dedicated frame synchronizers, format converters, color correction and proc amps. Carbonite Black Plus also adds three more MultiViewers with dedicated monitoring outputs.​​​​​​​

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  • 36 inputs
  • 22 outputs
  • 2 or 3 MEs
  • 4 MiniMEs
  • Internal Format Converters / Frame Synchronizers on every input
  • Proc Amps & Color Correctors on every input
  • 12 Output Color Correctors / Proc Amps / Format Conversion
  • 5 MultiViewer with 16 windows each, along with 3 additional MultiViewer-dedicated outputs
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