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DT Videolabs PlaybackPro Plus Mac License With 12-Key USB Controller

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PlaybackPro Plus drives professional, high-definition, nonlinear media playback to the next level. Live event experts will benefit immediately from a mixer for crossfades and direct cuts between clips, support for still images and available remote control over Ethernet. Like PlaybackPro, it far surpasses the limitations of legacy technologies like DDRs, DVD players and video tape machines, streamlining digital workflows. 

The PlaybackPro USB Controller

The new 12 key PlaybackPro USB controller gives you instant access to PlaybackPro functions. Play/Pause and Save buttons have now been added for even greater control.

We strive to provide impeccably maintained equipment that is prepped and ready for your next event. Our experienced staff stands ready to help you create the perfect lighting and video experience. You will receive a rental quote back within 1 business day.

  • CPU: Quad core or better
  • Graphics: Dedicated (AMD or Nvidia) with at least 512 MB of video RAM
  • System RAM: 4+ GB
  • Storage: Internal PCIe Flash storage, SSD external drive connected via Thunderbolt or USB3, 7200 RPM drives connected via USB3 or Thunderbolt
  • Recommended Codecs: ApplePro Res 422 or H.264 encoded with variable bit rate between 15-30 Mbps
  • Container: .mov
  • 3rd party QuickTime components like Flip4Mac for .WMV encoded files may be added to a system to allow for expanded playback options however it is still advisable to stay with the recommended