Green Hippo

Green Hippo Boreal+ DP Media Server

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With four DP outputs, Hippotizer Boreal+ is designed for the rigors of life on the road.

The DP model offers software base EDID management.

We strive to provide impeccably maintained equipment that is prepped and ready for your next event. Our experienced staff stands ready to help you create the perfect lighting and video experience. You will receive a rental quote back within 1 business day.

  • Outputs: 4 x DP
  • Supports Splitters: Yes
  • Genlock: Yes
  • EDID Emulation: Software
  • HD Outs (with splitter): 16
  • ZooKeeper outs: 2 x DVI
  • Mixes: 16
  • Layers per mix: 16
  • Notch: 10 Free FX
  • Uncompressed playback: Yes
  • Media Drive Size: 2TB
  • Media Drive Speed: 200MB/s
  • CPU: Intel i7
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Enterprise
  • #Threads (cores): 8 (4)
  • Core Speed: 4.2Ghz
  • RAM: 32GB DDR4
  • Type: Dual Channel
  • Audio In: Stereo XLR
  • Audio Out: Stereo XLR
  • System Drive: 500GB SD