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DSAN PerfectCue Mini Presentation System

DSAN PerfectCue Mini Presentation System

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PerfecCue Mini is a light and sound signaling system. It enables a presenter to send cues to a projectionist for “next”, “back” and “screen blank” using a hand-held wireless transmitter. The cue light responds quickly and reliably to commands from the transmitter. Cue lights can be interconnected with Cat 5 or XLR cable and can trigger each other

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  • Remotely control presentation software via keyboard commands delivered through two USB ports. Maintain mouse functionality.
  • Connect multiple cue lights via Cat 5 or XLR cable. Only one unit requires power.
  • Connect hand-held actuator for hard-wire backup.
  • Play selectable cue sounds through speaker or headphone jack. One Sound.
  • Match cue light and transmitter communications on selectable channels so that cue lights can be used in adjacent rooms.
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