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Barco EC-200 Large Controller

Barco EC-200 Large Controller

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The EC-200 features a syntax-based programming methodology that accelerates programming. It offers immediate access to system resources, and streamlines show programming in a way that’s unique to the Event Master system. Redefining the way screen management is handled for large events, this syntax-style programming greatly simplifies and speeds up your job.

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  • Robust Linux version of EventMaster Toolset - same user interface used on Mac and PC
  • Onboard PC running Linux to support a purpose-built version of Event Master toolset, enabling stand-alone usage
  • Full control over the EventMaster Series switchers
  • Simultaneous connection of multiple controllers, GUI interfaces, and processors supported on same network. (Redundant backups of control)
  • 2 internal 15.6-inch wide screen full HD (1,920x1,080) touchscreens with 10 point multi touch
  • High-resolution T-Bar for manual transitions
  • 36 user-assignable buttons with customizable LCD labels
  • Dedicated Background layer button
  • 8 dedicated Layer selection buttons with multi-page functionality (shift pages for destinations with 9 or more layers)
  • 12 user-definable Destination buttons with multi-page functionality
  • Dedicated buttons for transition, live switching, modifying program, transitions, etc.
  • 5 rotary encoders with wheels for ergonomic pip control and rapid placement of resources
  • 12 LCD Contextual Display Buttons to support the Syntax Programmer
  • Tri Axis backlit trackball (based on function), with a very smooth rotary encoder for the third axis and 4 buttons for cursor and position control
  • 2 separate gigabit Ethernet network interface connections, one for Primary system control, and one for supplemental network control (additional IP address range and mode)
  • Internal Solid State Hard drive
  • 5 USB ports for additional accessories such as external touchscreens, mouse, keyboard, thumbdrive, etc.
  • Script lights, feedback LEDs, and integrated work lights all dimmable
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