Chimera Daylite Plus 1, Large

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The Chimera 54" x 72" Large Daylite Plus 1 is designed for use with large fresnel lights up to 12000 Watts. The extra depth of the Daylite allows the light beam from a fresnel fixture to spread out and cover the front face more evenly.

Included with your Chimera Daylite Plus 1, Large Rental:

  • Large Hood 54”x72”
  • Rod 60”
  • Diffuser F/1.4(VP/DLJR)
  • ½ Grid F/1.0 (VP/DLJR)
  • ¼ Grid F/0.5 (VP/DLJR)
  • Baffle
  • Storage Bag

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  • 54" x 72"
  • Designed for use with large fresnel lights up to 12000W.
  • The recessed front face helps to make the soft source more directional, and enables the user to easily add light control accessories, such as the honeycomb grid, soft fabric grids or louvers.