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Chimera Pancake Lantern, Large

Chimera Pancake Lantern, Large

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Based on the concept of the traditional Chinese lantern, Chimera's line of Lanterns is a great modern-day solution for portable omni-directional soft lighting. The Chimera Lantern Softbox is used by still photographers, filmmakers and videographers, for illuminating entire rooms with soft, even light. This 48" Square x 19" Deep Pancake Lantern takes up less space than a traditional Lantern Softbox.

Included with your Chimera Pancake Lantern, Large Rental:

  • Frame
  • Skirt
  • Short Pins
  • Storage Bag

We strive to provide impeccably maintained rental equipment for the entertainment industry that is prepped and ready for your event. Our experienced staff stands ready to help you with your lighting, video, rigging & production needs. Rental inventory availability may vary based on date and 4Wall location. In cases where your preferred item is unavailable, we'll do our best to suggest a suitable replacement.

  • 48" Square x 19" Deep
  • Use this size for casting omni-directional lighting for a large conference room, or small stage where setup space is limited
Rentals » Inventory » Lighting Equipment » TV and Film Lighting » Softbox »
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