Chimera Quartz Plus 1, Small

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The Small 24" x 32" Quartz Plus 1 is designed to handle large open-face hot lights. It is rated up to 4000 Watts and diameters from 9 to 21.5 inches. The depth of the Quartz Plus is ideal for an open-face light.

Included with your Chimera Quartz Plus 1, Small Rental:

  • Medium Hood 24”x32”
  • Rod 36.5”
  • Diffuser F/1.4(QTZ)
  • ½ Grid F/1.0 (QTZ)
  • ¼ Grid F/0.5 (QTZ)
  • Baffle
  • Storage Bag

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  • 24" x 32"
  • Industry leading durability and quality
  • Ultra heat-resistant materials and versatility
  • Designed to support continuous fixtures from 2kW to 12kW