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The ARRISUN HMI PARs are ideal when punch or bounce light is required on set. The ARRISUN 5 is a 575W PAR featuring highly efficient parabolic reflectors, corrosion-resistant aluminum construction, and even light distribution.

Included with your Arri ARRISUN 5 HMI Rental:

  • Safety Cable
  • Ballast 575/1.2k
  • 25’ Head Cable
  • 50’ Head Cable
  • Baby Pipe TV Clamps
  • Frost Lens
  • Narrow Lens
  • Medium Lens
  • Wide Lens
  • Very Wide Lens
  • Lens Case
  • Arri 1k Barndoor
  • HMI Par 575w Baby Rec.
  • Scrim Set 7 ¾”

We strive to provide impeccably maintained equipment that is prepped and ready for your next event. Our experienced staff stands ready to help you create the perfect lighting and video experience. You will receive a rental quote back within 1 business day.

  • Highly efficient parabolic reflectors
  • Corrosion-resistant aluminum construction
  • Extremely even light distribution
  • Lamp focus adjustment
  • Easy service access
  • Lamphead Type: PAR, 575W
  • Reflector Type:
  • High purity aluminum parabolic
  • Lamp Type: Metal Halide 575W/SE
  • Power Consumption: 575W
  • Voltage Range: 95V
  • Lamp Base: G22
  • Dimmability: Yes, 50 - 100% via ARRI Ballast Unit
Rentals » Inventory » Lighting Equipment » TV and Film Lighting » HMI »