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Jands Stage CL

Jands Stage CL

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Designed specifically for LED fixtures but just as suitable for conventional lights the Stage CL gives you full control of your LEDs and is incredibly easy to use. Each of the twelve channels has a Saturation encoder and a Hue encoder that you can adjust to set the colour you want. As you turn the dials, a LED on the channel shows the colour you‘re creating.

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  • Two fixture pages - allows control of 24 fixtures (or fixture groups)
  • Alternate dial usage - provides for up to two additional features, such as zoom, strobe, color macros, effects and more.
  • Color temperature mode - for fixtures that only contain cool and warm white LEDs the Stage CL dials switch to controlling these features.
  • Amber and White LED blending preferences - new preferences to set the mixture of the Red, Green and Blue LEDs used when selecting Amber or White on RGBA, RGBW and RGBAW fixtures.
  • Scene and Chase playback on Channel faders
  • 6 Scene Pages
  • Snapshot button to hold console output
  • 4 Scene playback buttons with master level fader
  • 4 Chase playback buttons with master level fader
  • 1 Cuelist playback with Go, Pause, Back and Release buttons and master level fader
  • Grand Master and Dead Black Out
  • Fade time dial
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