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Jem AF-1 Fan

Jem AF-1 Fan

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The AF-1 is a compact but powerful fan designed with clubs, studios, theatres and touring applications in mind. AF-1 features DMX input as standard and can be installed from the ceiling, in the truss, or can be floor standing. The AF-1 can be used alone or as part of a complete fog system by linking with other Jem machines using the analogue link or DMX.

We strive to provide impeccably maintained rental equipment for the entertainment industry that is prepped and ready for your event. Our experienced staff stands ready to help you with your lighting, video, rigging & production needs. Rental inventory availability may vary based on date and 4Wall location. In cases where your preferred item is unavailable, we'll do our best to suggest a suitable replacement.

  • Fan speed 0 to 2500 rpm
  • 1600 cubic m/hr
  • Single channel DMX operation
  • Analogue link sockets
  • Floor standing or truss mounting
  • Low voltage multifunctional remote control
  • Sealed fan motor
  • Converts smoke to haze, Wind effects
  • Projects smoke down long lengths of ducting
  • Keeps equipment cool: Amp racks, Dimmer racks
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