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Arri 1K 5

Arri 1K 5

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ARRI Studio Fresnel's are an ideal choice for film studios where high performance and high wattage tungsten lamp heads are required. The large lenses give great efficiency and an extremely wide beam spread. ARRI's elegant modular construction, using corrosion-free aluminum extrusions and lightweight die castings, offers great structural strength.

Included with your Chauvet Professional Rogue R2X Spot Rental:

  • Safety Cable
  • C-Clamp Clamps
  • Arri 7 ¾” C/F
  • Barndoor 8 Leaf 7 ¾”

We strive to provide impeccably maintained rental equipment for the entertainment industry that is prepped and ready for your event. Our experienced staff stands ready to help you with your lighting, video, rigging & production needs. Rental inventory availability may vary based on date and 4Wall location. In cases where your preferred item is unavailable, we'll do our best to suggest a suitable replacement.

  • Extremely even light distribution
  • Highly effective cross cooling streams in addition to conventional cooling
  • Stainless steel friction disc for rigid lock-off
  • Top Latches for location or studio use
  • Adjustable Accessory Brackets with 2-scrim and 4-scrim position
  • Stainless Steel Lens Protection to maximized light transmition and high temperature stability
  • Extremely Robust Barndoors with high strength-to-weight ratio and effective tightening function
  • Safe indoor and outdoor use
  • Uses 500-1000W bulbs
  • Model 551101
Rentals » Inventory » Lighting Equipment » TV and Film Lighting » Tungsten »
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