Pre-Rig Truss 30" x 7'9" Box Double Hung

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This Double Hung Pre-Rig Truss is 26" x 30" x 7'9".  

Tomcat is one of the entertainment industry’s most respected truss manufacturers, known worldwide for reliability, compatibility, and safety. All Tomcat truss products feature mill-certified materials created by AWS certified welders, and each fabricated component of the truss has been designed by a professional engineer licensed in the USA. All Tomcat products are in compliance with ANSI code E1.2-2013.

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  • Equipped with bolts
  • Main chords are 2 OD x 1/8 aluminum
  • Diagonals are 1 OD x 1/8 aluminum
  • 26" x 30" x 7™9"
  • Fabricated by certified welders
  • Models: TC 2630-093B