Vibra Urbana

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Vibra Urbana

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Vibra Urbana

At the end of 2021, we had the opportunity to work with a fantastic crew of talented individuals to help light the biggest reggaeton festival in the U.S., Vibra Urbana! 4Wall provided over 400+ light fixtures, 90+ hoists, and 650' of Tyler GT Truss. The star-studded lineup included acts like Anuel AA, Rauw Alejandro, Eladio Carrion, Cazzu, Farina, Emilia, Blessd, Arcangel, and many more. 

Thanks to Unreal-Systems / AgorÀ USA for bringing us on board.

LD - Collyns Stenzel

Programmer - Jorge Valdez (4Wall)

Project Manager - Matt Bloom (4Wall)

Account Executive - Sebastian Yepes (4Wall)

| Crew |

Edy Orta

Peter Martin

Luis Macdonald

Jorge Lobo

Jorge Sanchez

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