Night On Broadway

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Night On Broadway

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Night On Broadway

In the late 1930's the Broadway Theater District was known as the toast of Hollywood.  The six block stretch, including 12 movie theaters boasting a combined seating capacity of over 15,000, was the hub of LA's entertainment scene.  Those times have come and gone, but the city of Los Angeles and the "Bringing Back Broadway" initiative have set out to restore the past glory of the historic site.

The movement recently took the streets, literally, with the unprecedented "Night on Broadway" event.  Featuring a night of multi-cultural entertainment within and around seven of the memorable buildings, the one-night festival invited the entirety of Los Angeles to experience the past while imagining the future of this once-famous area.

Sohail e. Najafi, Founding Design Partner of Najafi Design Group, eagerly signed on to light one of the premiere venues for the night- The Tower Theatre.

"Bringing back Broadway-style theater to Los Angeles is something that I hope to see happen in my lifetime.  That's why I chose to donate my time and the resources of my company towards supporting this event," said Najafi.

The designer approached 4Wall Los Angeles, seeking a lighting provider willing to donate the equipment necessary to bring his vision for the Tower Theatre to life.

"4Wall was my first thought when considering a partner to make my designs a reality.  Their dedication to service and the communities in which they operate made the partnership a no-brainer.  Everyone I interact with on every level really supports the 4Wall mission statement, Large Enough to Service, Small Enough to Care."

Having secured a partnership with 4Wall, Najafi turned to his muse for the event, The Tower Theatre itself. 

Opened in 1927, the intimate venue was the first filmhouse in Los Angeles to be wired for talking pictures.  The beautifully appointed architecture of the site, designated a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural monument, lent itself to textured and colored washes that brought the walls, columns, panels, arches, and domes to life. 

The designer utilized a variety of LED fixtures to create the look, namely Martin MAC Aura Washes, Color Kinetics ColorBlast TRX, and Chroma-Q Color Charge Wireless units.  Elation Platinum Beam 5R Extremes rounded out the fixture list, while control was provided by an ETC Ion Console.

Najafi spoke of the design and the emotion behind it.

"My hope was to inspire the audiences flooding in to once again cherish these palaces of entertainment as they once were."

Flooding certainly described the rate of attendance for the night, with anticipated crowds of 5,000 people turning quickly into a bustling throng of well-over 20,000.

"The feeling in the air was incredible," said Najafi. "People from all over Los Angeles, from all different backgrounds, and with differing expectations poured into the venue in never-ending waves.  It was definitely a magical night and one the city of Los Angeles will not soon forget."

For more information on Najafi Design Group, visit

For more information on Bringing Back Broadway, visit

Selected Gear List

4 – Chroma-Q Color One 100 Par

10 – Elation Platinum Beam 5R Extreme

6 – Martin MAC Aura

1 – ETC Ion 2000

46 – Color Kinetics ColorBlast 12 TRX

6 – Chroma-Q Color Charge

4 – ETC Source Four Leko 10 Deg.

10 – ETC Source Four Leko 19 Deg.

8 – ETC Source Four Leko 26 Deg.

12 – ETC Source Four Leko 36 Deg.

8 – ETC Source Four Leko 50 Deg.

2 – ETC Source Four Leko 90 Deg.

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