Metallica M72 Tour

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Metallica M72 Tour

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Metallica M72 Tour

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Metallica M72 Tour

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Metallica M72 Tour

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Metallica M72 Tour

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Metallica M72 Tour

Check out these fantastic photos from Metallica's M72 Tour! 4Wall is providing all cameras, video engineering, disguise GX2c media servers, & the LED control package for the tour that recently drew nearly 80,000 fans, setting a record for SoFi Stadium. Congratulations to everyone involved and the entire Production Team.

Creative Director/Production Designer: Dan Braun

Lighting Designer: Rob Koenig

Lighting Programmers: Joe Cabrera & Cat West/ Flash and Trash Works, Inc

Video Director: Gene McAuliffe

Content Creation: Andrea Cuius/Nocte, Dan Potter/Creative Works London

Production Coordinator: Vicki Huxel

Stage Management: Gino Cardelli, Dewey Evans, Eddie Rocha

Lighting Crew Chief: Mat Gass

Head Electrician: Arturo "Tudy" Martinez

Spot Caller, Backup Console: John Niles

Networking: Patrick Seig

RoboSpots: "V"

Lighting Techs: Cody Carver, Emil Vuorijarvi, Luke Roney, Pedro Pradenas, Seth Filaroski, Shane Mongar, Sonny Hensley

Video Project Manager: David Hunkins

Video Crew Chief: Anthony Garcia

Video Stage Manager: Travis Slater

Video Engineer/Shaders: David Vega, Jacob Rose

Server Op: David Leonard

Server Tech: Thomas Denney

Lead LED Tech/Floater: Michael Campbell

LED Tech / PTZ Op: Alison Robeson, Jovan Romos

LED Tech / Camera Op: David Romola, Christian Palomec, Cameron Trosper, MaryKate Grimes, William Corbani, Parker Robinson

LED Tech / Shader: Keith Heffelke

Camera Tech / Camera Op: David Bartlett

Lead Camera Tech / Shader: Stephen Serra

Camera Tech / Shader: Matt Abbott

Head Rigger: Chad Koehler

Head Carp: Michael Pettit

Pyro Shooter: Tristan Ford

📸 by Ralph Larmann

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