Esports Arena Las Vegas

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Esports Arena Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV- The first Las Vegas Strip venue dedicated to hosting esports events, Esports Arena Las Vegas, opened in March at the Luxor Resort and Casino. The 30,000-square-foot, multilevel arena is designed to host every form of competitive gaming from daily play to high-stakes esports tournaments. 4Wall Systems and Design provided the architectural control system for this interactive video-gaming mecca.

Planning for this project began in July of 2017. The control system consisted of an ETC Paradigm, Pathway Pathport Octo, and an MA Lighting grandMA2 console for live events.

"We were brought in as the architectural lighting system integrator to coordinate and engineer a working control system design in coordination with the electrical contractor, electrical engineer and lighting designer," said 4Wall Project Director John Fernandez.

In addition to engineering a functional system by determining and meeting the dimming compatibility requirements of the architectural fixtures, while creating a functional bill of materials for the architectural dimming and power control, there were also many intelligent RGBA fixtures in need of a system integration.

"A multitude of RGBA fixtures, specified by the LD, required the engineering of a DMX management and distribution system along with an addressing scheme," explained Fernandez. "This allowed integrated control of selective circuits and DMX channels by both the Paradigm lighting processor for daily operations and adapting by parsing specific channels for control by the grandMA2 console for live events."

This system allows the lighting operator to effortlessly utilize the Paradigm architectural lighting control for the arena. It can also adapt to the environment of a live event space by relinquishing controls of select dynamic architectural lighting with the push of a button, whenever production needs take precedence.

Fernandez spoke on 4Wall' System and Design Division playing a key role in the Las Vegas Strip's first Esports Arena.

"It was an exciting opportunity for our Systems & Design team, working alongside Bombard Electric, to be part of bringing this amazing venue to life as a new addition to the evergrowing list of Las Vegas entertainment offerings."

For more information about Esports Arena Las Vegas, visit www.esportsarenavegas.comand follow @ESALasVegas.

Architectural Lighting Design by: Light Theory Studios

Theatrical Lighting Design by: The Sextant Group

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