Barnes and Noble Store Managers Conference

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Barnes and Noble Store Managers Conference

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Barnes and Noble Store Managers Conference

Orlando, FL- The annual Barnes and Noble Store Managers Conference was held at the Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel in Orlando, FL this year. This presented a great opportunity for 4Wall Orlando to shine having recently been able to offer lighting rentals at the location. The conference features dozens of executive presentations, guest authors and celebrity speakers, musical entertainment, multiple breakouts and more. Lighting Designer Whitney Brinton was tasked with lighting the conference and relied on 4Wall for the gear.

The goal of the lighting design was to create an elegant feel to highlight the presentations on screen, but not distract from them.

"We wanted to bring the Barnes and Noble colors into the scenic, in a subtle manner," said the LD.

Some brand-new High End Systems Sola Frame 750s recently arrived at 4Wall Orlando and were used to enhance the feel of elegance in the full room with slow-moving gobo washes over all of the seating and occasionally on the walls.

"The SolaFrame 750 has some wonderful features like the shutters which makes cutting off areas you don't want to light super smooth and easy," explained Whitney. "For only having one gobo wheel there is a gobo for every need and use, and the animation is a great enhancement for creating elegant subtle movement without actually moving the fixture."

4Wall also provided 60 Chroma-Q Color Force II 12" LED battens that were used for color on the scenic elements and drapes to create smooth color changes throughout the show.

"I love the versatility of the Color Force IIs," said Brinton. "The brightness is awesome and the color mixing is so flexible and vibrant that you can get almost any color you can imagine."

ETC Source Four ellipsoidals washed the stage while ETC Source Four PARs were used as fill light in case the presenters crept upstage towards the screen.

Martin MAC Aura XBs were utilized for back light, giving the LD versatility on color temperature and focusability to highlight everyone's shoulders and create color contrast on the presenter's shoulders and heads for the cameras.

The LD spoke of the service she received from 4Wall Orlando.

"The gear from 4Wall Orlando was brand new, well prepped and packed," said Brinton. "The team at 4Wall Orlando gives impeccable service and care for all of their clients. They worked with me to make my show the best experience, with an end result that demonstrated their care and support."

Brinton also had high praises for her crew and production partners that made the conference possible.

"Big thanks to LightWave Productions for producing an amazing event, and bringing myself, Master Electrician Patrick Brodnicki, and A Better Resolution on to help create a marvelous experience for the Barnes and Noble management team attending the event," said the LD. "Without the hard work and vision from Tamara Reisbach, Russ Chapman, Glenn Brown and the whole A Better Resolutions team, I wouldn't have been able to enhance the beautifully put together experience for our client."

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