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4Wall Sunday Roundtable: Ep. 34 | Hamilton Associate Designers

By Skylar Smith on Feb 21, 2021

Episode 34 | Hamilton Associate Designers

Episode 34 of the 4Wall Sunday Roundtable features 4 Associate Designers (Costume, Lighting, Set, & Sound) from the Tony, Grammy, Olivier, and Pulitzer Prize-winning musical Hamilton. We will discuss the design for the original show, how they reproduced it for several subsequent productions, and the current challenges they face with Hamilton opening at the Sydney Lyric Theatre in Australia next month! The panel will be joining us LIVE from the Land Down Under this Sunday. 

  • Jason Crystal - Associate Sound Designer
  • Angela Kahler - Associate Costume Designer
  • Rod Lemmond - Associate Set Designer
  • Ryan J. O'Gara - Associate Lighting Designer

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