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4Wall Sunday Roundtable: Ep. 1 | Conversations with Legends from the Entertainment Industry 

By Skylar Smith on May 17, 2020

Episode 1 | Conversations with Legends from the Entertainment Industry

This episode features a stellar group of industry legends as they discuss their careers, thoughts on the covid pandemic, industry trends and more. The focus of this episode is on Lighting Designers in theater, concert touring and in the entertainment industry in general. 

From designing shows on Broadway to being the lighting designer for renowned music artists, the wealth of knowledge on this panel is staggering. Hear each person's story of how they coped during the covid pandemic, how they think the industry will adapt in the short term, change for the long term, and what they've been doing with their down time.  

  • 11-time Emmy Award winner Bob Barnhart  
  • Tony Award winner Ken Billington  
  • Knight of Illumination Award Winner Al Crawford 
  • Lighting Designer/Director Emmanuelle Gigi Pedron 

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