4 Ways to Make Your Conference Set Stand Out with Video & Lighting

By Charlotte Tew
Feb 20, 2024, updated Apr 16, 2024
 4 Ways to Make Your Conference Set Stand Out with Video & Lighting

Adding dynamic video and lighting to your conference set can bring your design to life and make your event a memorable one. Check out these 4 video and lighting ideas to add to your conference design:

1. Creative LED backdrop

A large LED screen grabs attention and creates a focal point for an event that can feature brand content and set the tone of the event. LED panels are modular, so can be built in any design or formation you can imagine. And using our series of LED products we can support your creative vision with technical drawings and content support.

Pro tip: Consider using our high-res Aluvision range of LED products to build a sustainable digital design for your set, our LED range can be curved, edged and used flat to maximise your content and add a creative element to the stage.

Find out more about using our range of Creative LED products here > https://europe.4wall.com/video/use-cases

2. Atmosphere lighting washes

By adding specialist lighting to your stage or set you can guarantee a lasting impression. Our lighting washes are a great way to give your stage that something extra. Wash large areas with light, such as an entire wall, ceiling or floor, or use them to highlight your presenters and content.

Pro tip: Our range of corporate lighting fixtures can be used to add a wash effect to your conference set, take for example our Elation Rembrandt Artiste Wash which features a quiet operation with a full powered LED wash perfect for corporate environments.

Find out more > https://europe.4wall.com/lighting

3. Interactive screens for breakout rooms

Add attendee interactivity to your breakout rooms with a series of touchscreen displays. And why not increase engagement with a bespoke game featuring digital takeaways for visitors? Boosting engagement will boost results from your event and promote your attendees' event experience.  

Pro tip: Speak to our Innovation team about creating a branded game for your event, our teams can build you something entirely custom, contact our sales team directly to discuss your idea > europe@4wall.com

4. Creative lighting design 

Creative lighting makes your event memorable. Use it to add flair and interest to your set by choosing statement lights or fun tube lighting (see below).  Creative lighting can work as an extra element to your primary lighting design or as the focal point. It also works really well alongside our video products. 

Pro tip: Use the Astera Titan Tubes to create a custom design for your conference, build tunnels, walkways, borders, backdrops and more. 


If you'd like to find out more about our conference video hire or lighting for hire, speak to the team or contact us at europe@4wall.com 

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