Getting Creative with LED: 4 Ways to Build a Memorable Event Using Creative LED Screens

By Charlotte Tew
Nov 16, 2023, updated Apr 16, 2024
 Getting Creative with LED: 4 Ways to Build a Memorable Event Using Creative LED Screens

Want to add a memorable digital moment at your event? LED screens give your stand something "extra". 

LED screens are creative, bold and memorable. Build cubes, curves, cylinders, waves, tunnels and more. Pretty much any shape you can imagine, you can build with LED. 
Not everyone knows this about LED, but unlike screens, some LED products are made up of flexible panels able to bend and curve in concave and convex directions. Some products even have the ability to bend and edge in the same batch of panels, so the colours all look completely in-sync across the screen and enable you to create a bespoke design. 
To help get your creative juices flowing we have put together four of our most creative use cases:

1: Curved LED cylinder
Create a bold LED chandelier with seamless edges and stunning cylinders that will really stand out at your event. 
Great when you want to make a statement or add a centrepiece to your event, whether that's an exhibition, awards, conference or product launch, the chandelier can be made to measure to suit your event and content vision. 
The detail:
The Unilumin Upad IV-S panel enables seamless S curves, with no facets or edges, ideal for building cylinders or any convex and concave curves. The Upad IV-S can also be paired with other creative products in the Upad range, including the flat and edge panels.


2: Immersive Aluvision LED Cube
Want to enable your audience step into another world? You can create an immersive floor-to-ceiling LED cube that visitors can walk into and experience your brand for themselves. 
What's more when you use Aluvision's product the LED cube can pop up anywhere at your event, and is entirely standalone without the need for additional structure or supports. 
The detail:
Our Aluvision 2.5mm and 2.8mm LED can create standalone cubes, with a sustainable modular framework that can be used time and time again. 
*You can also use our Unilumin creative LED products to build custom cubes with custom framework - speak to one of our creative team to find out more. 


3: Transparent LED
Give your audience the ability to see through your content and into your event space, creating bold and dynamic digital experiences.
Transparent LED comes in a range of transparencies giving you the ability to have a digital frame or dividing wall that features impressive content, and divides up the space creatively. Ideal for festival stages, social spaces and splitting up exhibition stands. 
The detail:
We have two types of transparent LED available, with the ROE Vanish V8 and the Gloshine 3.9mm transparent LED available for your event.  


4: LED Floor
Memorable moments don't always have to be in front of you. 
LED floor gives people the chance to see your content from the ground up and engage with your brand in a fun and interactive way, on the floor. You can also pair it with other forms of LED to create fully immersive rooms and use alongside chandeliers and cylinders.  
The detail:
We have 3 types of LED floor available the ROE Black Marble BM4, the Aluvision 2.5mm LED floor and the NX7 Digiled LED floor

Ready to get started with bringing one of our creative LED ideas to life? Contact our team to find out more about our video and lighting for hire.
Why not add lighting to your LED design? We can also support with lighting.

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